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Sedona Therapist Specializing in EMDR, EFT, CBT, NLP, Aromatherapy, Holistic Healing, PTSD, Addiction, Grief, Self-Esteem, Emotional Health

About Me

Andie Snyder

Andie Snyder, LCSW

My name is Andie Snyder and I will be with you every step of the way…helping you create a happier heart by healing traumas, hurt feelings, misunderstandings, grief, shame, embarrassment, disappointment teaching you stress management skills, communication skills, and helping you gain more understanding, forgiveness, acceptance and gratitude using a blend of techniques, whatever is right for you, to create the most positive change with grace and ease

Counselor, Therapist, Life Coach…Individual, Phone and Small Group Sessions

Professional Interests / Specialties:

One of the biggest things that brought me into counseling is that I love to facilitate positive change! I love to  be the catalyst for the “aha phenomena” for people.

My intent is to help people live in ease and grace, free of the past, free of any trauma carried as a feeling of heaviness in one’s heart.

Much of what excites me is creating a sense of balance, happiness and well-being.  I enjoy educating about how to create aliveness, awareness, balance and wellness.

Another part of my life purpose is creating a state of intimacy and connection between myself and others, and supporting other people to achieve this in their own lives as well.

As a Counselor / Therapist, I teach people just like you, how all emotions are really okay, it’s just how you react to them and what behavioral actions you take with them that might create problems both short and long term in your life.

So yes, you can learn to be authentic with your feelings!  This means you can recognize your heart-felt emotions, and then by acknowledging and honoring these feelings you will gain a greater understanding of your true self. So in other words, keeping it real.

I will teach you the tools needed to release stress and the stuck emotions that get in the way of creating the joyful, fun-filled and happy life you want and deserve.

I will teach you how to communicate your thoughts and feelings in an authentic way, to create greater intimacy and connection, and get more of the win-win responses you want with others and with the Universe itself.

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As a Life Coach, I work with people where they are stuck to help move them forward into greater levels of success and achievement.

I teach people how to get more of what they want. I teach People how to align with their Heart-Felt Dreams to create more Happiness.

Don’t know what you want?
Just have a bunch of what you don’t want?
You are not alone!

And I can easily teach you the Law of Attraction and how to shift your awareness so that you too can start creating positive change in your life.

Don’t know what your Life Purpose is yet? I too struggled with this for years… I can assist you with forming a greater understanding about yourself, so that you can create your life more congruently and intentionally.

My goal is to provide a weekly forum for you to learn about , goal-setting and achievement, communication skills, conscious languaging, wheel of balance structure and the Law of Attraction, in order to create a Happier Heart.

  • I want to assist you to move through what keeps you stuck.
  • I want to be your catalyst for positive change.
  • I want you to stretch your comfort zone.
  • I want you to create huge success in all areas of your life.

You will see a shift this year!

You will feel yourself happier, more joyful, more connected, more healthy, more abundant,
more free to move gracefully and easily through life, fully recognizing each day with gratitude overflowing from your happy heart.

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Philosophical Approach:

As both a counselor/therapist and a life coach, my approach is to provide a safe place for you to examine your issues, support for your health and well-being. I assist you to release emotional and physical stress and to create choice where no choice seems possible allowing you to lighten your heavy heart to create positive changes in your life and to find new win-win behaviors, solutions and a happier heart.

What Makes Me Happy:

Some things that make my heart happy… my cats, in all their cuteness… love and affection… yummy food that agrees with my belly and makes me feel good later too… the feeling of a job well done and a sense of accomplishment… seeing a beautiful flower or a tree growing in an unexpected place… the calm, peaceful feeling of twilight on a temperate day… listening to/watching the waves roll in on an uncrowded beach… watching the sun change the colors and shadows of the red rocks and the gradient hues of the sky and clouds during and experience of sunset in Sedona… hummingbirds… unexpected acts of kindness and appreciation… validation from the universe…intimate emotional connection with family and friends… sexual fulfillment coupled with an emotional and spiritual connection… flowers from a loved one… new clothes-hand-me-downs included… sincere compliments… facilitating positive change and transformation… learning and personal growth… singing… dancing to a groove beat, fully connected to the music… feeling a part of community… feeling valued and appreciated for who I am and what I do… having a pain-free joyful day… experiencing a great view, especially after a great hike… hiking in an old growth forest, by a stream or someplace that energizes me… finding a perfect heart rock on a trail… seeing the sparkle in someone’s eyes as they smile at me… feeling the sparkle of in my own eyes as I expand my happiness and my feeling of aliveness…

What makes you feel happy? 
Discover more happiness now!

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